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Cancer Voices South Australia is ‘raising a voice for those affected by cancer’ through advocacy, involvement, awareness and information.  Our membership continues to grow and near the end of 2011 reached about 800.

Our focus is on wellness and not just illness.

We aim to be representative, responsive and respectful of the diversity of our grassroot members background and experiences; we try hard to hear those views.

We welcome members to get involved, provide feedback and insights into issues of concern, attend our events and activities and participate as representatives on behalf of Cancer Voices SA.

Our representatives have provided ongoing contributions to development of cancer pathways for care and are on a number of other state and national initiatives (eg South Australian Cancer Clinical Network :: SA HealthCancer Clinical Network :: SA Health, South Australian Cancer Research Collaborative, the development of the National Framework for Consumer Involvement in Cancer Control, Cancer Australia national Lung Cancer programCancer Australia national Lung Cancer program Advisory Group, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Cancer Data MonitoringAustralian Institute of Health and Welfare Cancer Data Monitoring Committee, CareSearch CareSearch Palliative Care Knowledge Network Advisory Group , Psycho-Oncology/ Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Trials Group (PoCoG/PC4) Consumer Advisory Group.

Two major Cancer Australia grant funded projects are nearing completion:

  • an online advocacy tool for 2-way communication, integrated into our new website,
  • piloting Cancer Conversations in Aboriginal Communities.

We have regular engagement and interaction, particularly via our website, social media (Twitter @CancerVoicesSA@CancerVoicesSA and FaceBookFaceBook- Cancer Voices SACancer Voices SA) and physical activity initiatives .  We have a 10 member Executive Team with Supporters representing multicultural and Aboriginal communities, eHealth and other specific areas of interest.

Presentations to oncology nursing students and other forums have been well received, and we have ongoing involvement in research, in the South Australian Cancer Research Collaborative and developing area of psycho-oncology.

Contributing to the design of the new Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer has been another opportunity for consumers feedback to ‘make a big difference’.

We’ve raised cancer awareness with a popular stall at the Disability and Aging Expo, and at other events.

CVSA are gradually setting in place a variety of important but time consuming and often neglected tasks to build our organisational capacity with procedures, policies, reporting and financial accountability systems.  A thorough Strategic Planning exercise has been undertaken and is being incorporated into all aspects of our operation.

Cycling continues to be a major mechanism for raising awareness of cancer and also motivating, inspiring and promoting an active lifestyle with regular physical activity for survivors and supporters.  We recently conducted our own community event (see brief videovideo) that attracted 300 riders and a good deal of media interest.  Cancer Voices SA cycling teamCancer Voices SA cycling team members also featured in a national TV 7.30 Reportnational TV 7.30 Report.

Email [email protected] or phone 0403 925 599 if you wish to be involved in our work.


Cancer Voices South Australia


Ph.  0405 806 857 


PO Box 588, Kensington Park SA 5068