JOIN our team and show your support for the 100% all volunteer work that we do ‘raising a voice for people affected by cancer’.
A healthy lifestyle is important for cancer prevention as well as assisting recovery and delaying or preventing relapse of cancer. 

Whenever you ride with our team name on your jersey, we aim to:

  • Raise awareness of cancer,
  • Raise awareness of Cancer Voices South Australia


Members of the CVSA Cycling Team wear these jerseys.

 See a short video of our LIVESTRONG Day Challenge RideLIVESTRONG Day Challenge Ride in 2011


Here you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about the CVSA Cycling Team.

The  2009 Tour Down Under (TDU) was the stimulus for our cancer advocacy group, Cancer Voices SA, to ‘get on their bikes’.

CVSA's cycling team holds regular group, training or social rides.

While riding in a Group provides benefits and advantages (both socially and from a safety standpoint), there are also a number of inherent dangers riding in close proximately to another rider.  Riding in a group also carries responsibilities.  

All Cancer Voices SA members are WELCOME on training rides, especially our new Team members.  We invite newcomers to come on a ‘trial’ ride or two, but for insurance and safety reasons we expect riders to officially join the team if they wish to continue attending Training rides.

Cancer Voices SA's cycling team has supported many cycling events over the years.  Here you will find pictures from these events.

Evidence is growing to support exercise as a means to:

  • prevent cancer
  • help patients through their cancer treatment and recovery
  • prevent or delay cancer relapse.

Cancer Voice SA's cycling team has received a wide range of media promoting the organisation and the positive aspects that exercise can have in rehabilitation and recovery.


Cancer Voices South Australia


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