'Its OK to talk about it'.  The Advertiser 25Feb2013. p43

Myriad of problems for cancer gene (podcast).  Radio Adelaide, 20 May 2013



Speaking out for care.  Advertiser Boomer Magazine (June 2012)

Cancer Services in the countryCancer Services in the country.  ABC Regional Radio- with Annabelle Homer on Late Afternoons program (28June 2012)

Cancer survival lifts, treatment changes  ABC TV 7.30 Report (14May2012)


CVSA's Ashleigh Moore interviews Chris BrewerAshleigh Moore interviews Chris Brewer (26 Jan 2011)
LIVESTRONG's Chris Brewer interviews Ashleigh Moore (21 Jan 2011)LIVESTRONG Blog
Lance's legacyLance's legacy in SA, as a cyclist and cancer survivor (20 Jan 2011) ABC TV 7.30 ReportABC TV 7.30 Report


Armstrong bike auction for Cancer Information KioskArmstrong bike auction for Cancer Information Kiosk- Video interview
Interview with Cancer Voices SA (20 Jan 2010) LIVESTRONG Blog
Riding for their lives (20 Jan 2010) ABC 7.30 Report
ABC 7.30 Report
Brush with a legend (Jan 2010) Eastern Courier
Eastern Courier
Armstrong an inspiration to those with cancer (Jan 2010) ABC News ABC News


Cancer Voices SA cycling for cancer awareness:   Livestrong and Cancer Voices in Australia  Livestrong and Cancer Voices in Australia  TV: A Current Affair Ch9 Adelaide (Jan 09)
Armstrong inspires cancer sufferers (March 09) Australian Cyclist
Spreading the Cancer Message (March 09) Bicycling Australia
Chance for 7100 riders to ride like Lance Armstrong in Challenge Tour (23 Jan 09) - The Advertiser article and video
The Advertiser article and video
Cancer Voices SA team training( 18 Jan 09 ) - see ride photos
In Lance's Shadow ( 16 Jan 09 ) - Messenger Newspaper


Radiotherapy incident: Newspapers, TV news, ABC Stateline programABC Stateline program, radio.
Chemotherapy dosing incident: Newspapers, radio.

CVSA cycling for cancer awareness: newspapers.


Media Releases:

Armstrong bike auction, funds for Information Kiosk at new Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer (Jun 2010)

CVSA Commitments to Global Cancer Campaign (23 July 09)


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