Two types of advocacy

Two types of advocacy

There are two types of advocacy:

1. System advocacy focuses on influencing and changing the system so that people with cancer as a whole will benefit. System advocacy includes consumer representation on committees, working parties and advisory groups, policy and law reform activities, media releases, publications and cancer awareness training.

2. Individual advocacy focuses on the individual and assists families to resolve issues which are relevant to them or their family.

(Source: Cancer Voices Qld "What is advocacyWhat is advocacy)

What does System Advocacy involve?

  • Advocacy is speaking up, drawing a community’s attention to an important issue, and directing decision-makers toward a solution.
  • Advocacy is working with other people and organisations to make a difference.
  • Advocacy recognises the experience of the individual can indicate a problem with the system and help to bring about system change.
  • Effective advocacy requires a range of skills including assertiveness, the ability to manage change, communication skills, media skills, team building, persistence, patience and a thick skin!

(Source: Research MattersResearch Matters Newsletter of The South Australian Community Health Research Unit, Oct 2007)


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