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Position Statements & Submissions

Skin Cancer Senate Inquiry Submission, April 2014 (including results of CVSA Skin Cancer Survey)

Palliative Care Senate Inquiry Submission, 2012



CVSA Statement - Consumers Values on Cancer Research (to SA Cancer Research Collaborative, Leadership Group. Dec 2010)

Infection Control in Oncology Patients - CVSA Draft Position Statement (to Safety and Quality in Health Care Consumer and Community Advisory Group, Jun 09)

Integrative oncology and Complementary therapies for cancer care in Australia and overseas - CVSA background paper (to CCN, Jun 08).

Radiotherapy benchmarks for cancer treatments, from the consumers perspective - CVSA background paper to Cancer Clinical Network (CCN), Apr 08



Cancer Voices SA articles in MosaicMosaic
the newsletter for Cancer Council SA Support Groups

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Cancer Voices SA newsletter articles in:

Prostate SupporterProstate Supporter (Prostate Cancer Support Groups SA), July 2009
Aboriginal Legal Rights MovementAboriginal Legal Rights Movement Newsletter, June 2009 (page 7)



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